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WhatsApp with StarWRK boosts communication and productivity. Real-time updates on orders and inventory enhance decision-making. WhatsApp's interface ensures seamless collaboration and efficient workflow management. Enhanced accessibility fosters stronger relationships with clients and suppliers. Leveraging WhatsApp with StarWRK drives efficiency and connectivity for businesses.


Slack with StarWrk enhances communication and productivity. Real-time updates on orders and inventory streamline decision-making. Slack's intuitive interface facilitates seamless collaboration and efficient workflow management. Improved accessibility strengthens relationships with clients and suppliers. Leveraging Slack with StarWrk drives efficiency and connectivity, empowering businesses to thrive.


PeachPy with StarWrk streamlines communication and boosts productivity with its advanced features. Real-time updates on orders and inventory streamline decision-making, while built-in actions like polls and task assignments enhance collaboration. Its intuitive interface enables instant messaging, file sharing, and location tracking, fostering seamless communication. 

Integrate With your Everyday Tools

Unlock a World of Possibilities with Starwrk: Your Gateway to a Vast Collection of Business Apps. Experience the effortless power of our one-click install system, where each app is designed to simplify processes and empower your entire team. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to seamless integration as everyone gets the perfect tool for the job. With Starwrk, improving your business has never been easier or more cost-effective.


Tailored Solutions for Every Industry: Pre-Curated Modules

Unleash the power of Starwrk's pre-curated modules for enhanced efficiency. Gain critical insights with ready-to-use reports and dashboards, track sprint progress with burndown charts, and monitor release timelines. Automate repetitive tasks with ease, streamline collaboration, and stay on track with the timeline view. Discover industry-specific innovations to modernize your business, integrate existing tools, and access data from any device. With Starwrk's cloud-native architecture and intuitive UI, personalize your instance, scale resources, and stay agile. Experience the future of ERP, tailored for midmarket companies and their evolving needs.


Optimize your healthcare facility with our Hospital Management Module. Easily manage doctor profiles, patient records, appointments, and bed allocations for streamlined operations. Capture vital patient information and ensure data security with advanced features. Experience improved efficiency and coordinated healthcare delivery with our intuitive system.

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Experience seamless travel management with the StarWrk Travel Module. Effortlessly plan trips, track expenses, and collaborate in real-time. Ensure policy compliance and customize preferences for a hassle-free travel experience.

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Maximize your agricultural efficiency with StarWrk Agriculture Fleet Management. Seamlessly track vehicle usage and schedule maintenance to minimize downtime and boost productivity. With Agriculture Equipment Tracking, monitor usage and schedule maintenance to keep your machinery in top condition. Manage cultivation activities and user roles to promote teamwork and accountability. StarWrk ensures peak performance for your agricultural operations.

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Simplify school administration with StarWrk School Management Module. Effortlessly manage student records from admission to profile creation. Tailored user logins for students, teachers, and parents provide personalized access. Gain comprehensive oversight of academic structures with Class Management for real-time adjustments. StarWrk enhances administrative processes for all stakeholders.

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